The Best Espresso Machines With Reviews 2018


The Espresso, which originated in Italy, is a coffee brewed by expressing or compelling a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. It is mostly thicker and has a top of Crema than coffee brewed by other methods. It has a higher concentration of dissolved solids.

Espresso contains more amount of caffeine than any coffee beverages, but the usual serving size is much smaller compared to other coffees. Those who drink espresso know that it’s all about quality, so if you are not getting your tiny shot from a local barista, then you must research and invest in a trust-worthy espresso machine to make it at home for yourself.


List of the best espresso machines for your kitchen

Every espresso machine has many innovative features and it becomes difficult to choose the right espresso machine. There are plenty of options in the market from simple to semi-automatic or fully automatic coffee makers. We have found some selective options for you to lessen your headache.

  1.Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker


The Nespresso Pixie comes with the compact brewing technology and thermo-block heating for fast prep time whenever you turn it on. It attracts with its simplicity and consistency in taste. It comes with the 19-bar high-pressure pump which treats you with a rich-tasting espresso. Nespresso is the perfect affordable machine you can buy for your home. Besides the lowest price tag, it delivers the best coffee, steadily.

It also has a water-reservoir capacity of 24oz and LED lights. Its instant functions help you in getting your espresso coffee ready in 25  seconds. Nespresso Pixie uses Nespresso capsules instead of ground coffee. You have a variety of Nespresso capsules, from the wide collection. You can pre-program the preferred size of your cup, without really disturbing the brewing time.


  • Amazing affordable espresso maker
  • provides best-tasting coffee
  • makes coffee instantly
  • stylish and compact


  • Leaks sometimes
  • Some find it loud


2. Hamilton Beach 40792 Espresso Maker


This excellent machine comes with 15 bar Italian pressure pump for tremendous extraction and rich crema. It has a patented slide and lock filter holder to ease your work. The handsomely designed machine with stainless steel accents, fitted with a removable water reservoir and spinning steam wand for easy milk steaming and frothing. The cup warmer of the machine keeps cup warm until serving time.

This amazing espresso maker aids you treat in rich-tasting espresso, cappuccino, and latte without sacrificing convenience. You can simply choose with the help of the selector for espresso and steam functions. It also works with finely ground espresso or a pod.

Hamilton Beach espresso and cappuccino maker is designed for minimizing fuss and let you savor the moment of espresso enjoyment at the end. Easy to clean, simply wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth and wash all removable parts in warm, soapy water.


  • Affordable machine
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Easy to refill water and milk reservoir


  • Does not give much control over the brewing processes
  • Some does not find its appearance attractive
  • Clean up can be a messy

3. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine



The Gaggia Brera grinds and brews fresh aromatic Italian espresso at one touch of a button. You can customize your own espresso and café crema at the strength you want at the touch of a button. The Panarello wand makes milk frothing a breeze for making lattes and cappuccinos.

It features graceful brushed stainless steel front panel and a compact design that is much well-organized than most machines in its class. All the parts are accessible from the front of the machine for quick and easy cleaning maintenance.

It comes with push-button controls and LED display that makes it easy to operate. The rapid steam technology allows to heat up and vigorous brewing and steaming processes.


  • Easy to operate
  • You can customize your own beverage
  • Standby mode helps save energy


  • Water filters are not included
  • The Water reservoir is on the smaller side
  • Slightly bigger budgets

4. DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar


The well-designed automated machine helps you to create an authentic espresso and cappuccino at home. You can brew like a pro, whatever you prefer- single or double espresso, cappuccino or latte. Brewing quality of beverages is similar to a barista. The Cappuccino frother mixes steam and milk so well that you get an evenly textured drink with creamy froth on the top. The speedy system maintains the ideal temperature so you can brew cup after cup instantly.

The removable water reservoir and drip tray are easy to clean, refill, and reattach. This machine has a unique no-drip design so that you don’t have to deal with the messy cleanup. Its versatility and durability are beyond words. DeLonghi’s 15- bar pump pressure and stainless steel boiler ensures you many years of delicious espresso.


  • Affordable and reliable
  • Creates both espresso and cappuccinos
  • User-friendly and easy to use


  • Requires a lot of cleaning
  • Can be louder than other machines
  • Power button stopped working

5.  Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker



The Breville is designed beautifully with stainless-steel and 15-bar thermo-block pump. It includes a dual-wall filter system for excellent crema and froth enhancer. The 15-bar thermo-block heating system extracts espresso at the perfect temperature as needed.

Removable drip tray and water tank are easy to clean and reuse. It is one of the affordable machines in the market. It provides you with delicious and tasty espresso shots for your favorite beverages. Great 15-bar steam pressure creates a beautiful froth on the top of your coffee. The determinant factor on quality is the grind. Breville’s espresso machine with grinder delivers the most consistency.


  • Stainless steel design for an elegant look.
  • Cup-warming plate to serve you hot coffee.
  • Removable water reservoir and drip tray.
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • It offers exceptional flavor


  • Filter clogs sometimes.
  • The boiler doesn’t have a quality indicator. 

 6. Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine


Jura Giga 5 sets a new standard in performance, aesthetics, and excellence for the coffee machine division. The wide range of specialties will fulfill your dreams.

This best automatic espresso machine is fast and quiet as whisper all thanks to two ceramic disc-grinder. No need to visit barista anymore as you will have your personal barista at home. Jura comes with 12 inventive Barista specialties that you can easily select by turning the rotary switch. The TFT display with rotary selection will help you to be creative with your own specialty coffee in no time.

It comes with the power of two grinders and two heating systems that help the machine to produce two coffee specialties at once. If the machine is maintained properly it will last for a decade. Cleaning is really convenient and the machine says you when you need to clean and run maintenance on it.


  • Creates professional level espresso
  • Gives more barista brewing control
  • Fast and Quiet as a whisper
  • Identical for commercial purposes.


  • Pricey
  • A Bit larger than other machines
  • Some find it complex


What kind of espresso machines are there?

There are different types of espresso machines in the market but not all the types ease your life in getting your espresso prepared. Basically, we have two broad types of machines that help you “do it all in your way”.

1.Manual machines

If you want to take full control over your espresso brew process, you can go for a manual machine. It is a simple device in principle, and some of them are portable. It offers more space for customization, so you can watch every minute detail of your brewing procedure according to your preferences this can be pleasing.

Key features

  • Mechanical components such as a boiler, levers, a piston a group head and a port filter.
  • Piston’s boiler reaches the accurate temperature necessary for brewing.
  • Controlled by the consumer.

2.Super automatic machine

This kind of coffee machine delivers you with a fully customized kind of Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha or any kind of coffee at your home. Any task with respect to your urge for Espresso can be easily satisfied with the help of this kind of machine. If you don’t have too much time to “fuss” about the nuances of making espresso and also don’t care much for fine-tuning your brew, then the super automatic machine may be what you are looking for.

Key features:

  • Built-in grinder
  • Automatic water refill
  • Capable to dispense frothed milk

These machines are user-friendly that comes with one-touch marvels. You can enjoy barista quality coffee at home whenever you want.

3.Semi-automatic machine  

These machines have a button on the front panel to start or stop the extraction of coffee. To use this machine, load the port filter in the group handle with ground coffee, and lock the group handle into the group head. Put an espresso cup under the port filter, and push the button on the front panel of your machine to start the espresso extraction. When the cup is full then push the switch again to stop the flow.

Key features:

  • Adjustable steam and water flow
  • Manually controlled pump
  • Water temperature and pressure is controlled automatically
  • Built-in grinder is not there so you can grind your coffee fresh and exactly when you need it.

These machines require extra time as compared to the super automatic machine. You can personalize your espresso whenever you feel the urge with the semi-automatic machine.



Things to Consider Before Buying the Machine

  • Firstly think about the purpose of buying espresso machine – whether you want to purchase a commercial espresso machine or for personal use.
  • Buy a machine as per your requirement needed per day.
  • Your priority should be your budget to buy an appropriate machine.
  • Before deciding which machine should be purchased go through the reviews.
  • Italian espresso machine is advisable for office use.
  • If budget is no issue then one can go for a built-in espresso machine.
  • Check whether a machine is noisy or not.


Tips for Buying Espresso Machine

Before buying a home espresso machine, it is always advisable to have detailed information of your choice. Nowadays, investing has become a great challenge for consumers in the market flooded with so many choices of machines. We provide you with some tips to get started with.

  1. Most importantly be educated about the functions and features of a machine. A sensible consumer will educate himself/herself of the characteristics of the machine and technical specifications to look into.
  2. Know more about the brands existing in the market like the Gaggia espresso machine or the Breville espresso machine.
  3. Compare all the brands of espresso machine selected by you. Analyze their features, quality of coffee brewed, their price tag and warranty provided by the company.
  4. Consider consumer reviews and blogs to have an insight into those who have already used the machine.
  5. Purchase from online stores that assists buyers on how to use the machine. Without prior knowledge, you will find difficult to operate them.
  6. Consumers who want to buy a manual model try to buy a machine that can do wonders with little pressure or else the quality would not be up to the mark.
  7. Semi-automatic espresso machine offers a more finely brewed coffee comparative to a manual espresso machine.
  8. The fully automatic machines are more or less like the semi-automatic but with more control. Chose the one that offers maximum pressure features to get perfect concentrate.
  9. The buyers with the high budget should go for super-automatic espresso makers. It comes with advanced features like a grinder that is an inbuilt and customized mechanism. It provides you other espresso-based drinks with fine quality like macchiato, latte, and cappuccino.
  10. Moreover, look for definite level machines that give the chance to grind beans to finer quality for more superior taste.
  11. Light system machines are easily maintained in a long run.
  12. Look for the provision of removable water reservoir making it trouble-free to cater people.
  13. An ideal machine should be compact, sleek and easy to be kept at any corner.


Possible difficulties confronted

Espresso machines are must have for an aficionado of coffee but sometimes give a bad experience too. Here are some of the problems faced by consumers while using the machine.

  • Some of the models are complex which are problematic to handle and maintain.
  • There are several models that make a lot of noises while brewing the coffee that becomes frustrating for those who desire to work peacefully.



To boost your energy with the cup of coffee is a good driving force for anyone to buy a machine. The market is flooded with plenty of option from a manual one to a fully automatic machine. We cannot underestimate the quality while buying a decent coffee maker. You know that making a coffee is an art and when a machine indulges in this art then why takes the worries about fixing a cup manually. Select a product that fits in your budget and meets your requirement.